Road Shots

Earlier this week I returned home from a family roadtrip to Montana. We are still coming down off a vacation and mountain high and getting back into routines of school and work. I am still working through photos, but a quick perusal of them has been fun.

We traveled 4777mi over the 2-week vacation and looking back it has many what feel like “stages”: our visits to National Monuments and Parks on the ride West, our stay in Missoula and the mountains of western Montana, our trip back over the Continental Divide to stay with our friends at Prairie Heritage Farm on the plains of the Rocky Mountain Front, the stop into Lewis and Clark National Forest outside of Great Falls, MT for a wedding, and then long, focus-driven drive home to get the kids back to school.

Looking through the photos I realized that a lot of what I am calling “road shots” give a nice overview of our trip. These are photos that I or my wife took of the landscape of the United States as we drove through. We were usually traveling 70 mph so don’t expect amazing sharpness, but the photos show the transition from the hilly, green farm pastures of the Midwest, to the gray and evergreen starkness of the Black Hills and mountainous West, to the parched openness of the Western plains.