It's Supergirl! Or a pirate. Or a Dancer. Or a princess.

One of the most fun parts of parenting is watching a child grow and pass through various stages as he or she matures. Some of those stages I happily bid farewell, but there are others that I miss when they have passed.

It is becoming obvious that our house is nearly past the imaginative “dress-up” stage. Our older 2 children no longer rummage through the box we have that is full of various costume pieces-parts and our youngest rarely does any more. Today, however, Supergirl made an appearance!

I was able to talk her into taking a break from battling household evil to pose for me.

Despite her superhuman powers her meanest look isn’t all that frightening.

I speak for my wife and I when I say that we are happy to know we have a superhero around the house still; for a little while longer at least.

Or a pirate. Or a dancer. Or a princess. Or a ballerina. Or cowgirl. Or a vampire. Or a …

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