Rear Curtain Magazine Issue 5 is Released

Family is an important part of many our lives and is a term that can be loosely defined. And rightfully so. Many of us include more than just blood relatives in the people that encompass our own personal sphere of family.

Today Rear Curtain has released Issue 5 which examines the theme of "Family" and its varied meanings through the work of Jim Mortram, Mallory Benedict, John MacPherson, Hilde Mesics Kleven, Brian Miller, and William Albert Allard.

I'd like to thank all of the above photographers for sharing their work with our readers and Mark Krajnak for continuing the tradition of capping off another issue of Rear Curtain Magazine with his Noir series.

You can read more about the latest release of Rear Curtain Magazine HERE and Issue 5 can be purchased HERE.

As always, thank you for your support. Rear Curtain is a passion project produced in our free time alongside our other responsibilities in life. Your support and purchases are rolled back into Rear Curtain and help continue our effort to promote the skillful work of photographers with stories to tell.