Snowshoes and my dog

Winter hit full force here in Northeast Ohio in late January and early February. I’m looking out the window at roughly 2 feet of snow in the yard.

Yesterday was cold (negative windchills) but the sky was cloudless and the sun glowed off the snow giving the day a feeling of beckoning crispness. Hard not to answer with a few hours spent in the woods so I grabbed my snowshoes and dog Monty and did just that.

It was beautiful. And untracked. Monty periodically gazelle hopped ahead in his excitement, but the majority of the time he let me break trail and had an easier time lumbering in the wake of my snowshoes (and continually stepped on the tails of them nearly tripping me every time).

This type of weather typically draws out complaints and grumbling from a lot of people, but I'd like to see it stay around for awhile. It’s better than just-above-freezing temperatures with rain and mud.