Some Sunrises

I’m ignoring spring yard work this morning (the rain outside helps) and finally going through images from our trip to Florida last week. I posted some sun and fun photos on my Instagram account which usually functions as an easy way to share with friends and family but last week was more of a gloating platform for our northern friends and family still stuck in near freezing temperatures.

Overall I didn’t take a lot of photos over the week and those I did are family photos and, in truth, are likely more interesting personally and to family. There were a few sunrise photos that turned out pretty well. I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer by any means, but most mornings I would creep out of the hotel room before the kids were up and walk the beach and, for an Northeast Ohio kid that lives among hills and at the bottom of one, watching the sun rise over an open horizon is rare and something compelling to photograph. In fact, one morning the kids wanted to be woken early to see the sunrise. Troopers.

It was good to reacquaint with sunshine in Florida after a long, dark winter and a sluggish, delayed start to spring here in Ohio.

And one of my beach girls.