Some of my work on the pages of Edible Cleveland magazine

I’ve announced this elsewhere but it may have been missed by those not scattered around the social media outlets I use.

The food and restaurant scene in Cleveland has been growing and garning national attention in the past several years. In conjunction with that vibrant growth Noelle Celeste and John Benedict began publishing Edible Cleveland. The magazine focuses on the Greater Cleveland food community and brings together the writing, photography, and art of Northeast Ohioans that are invested and interested in that community. Edible Cleveland’s winter issue was recently released and I’m happy to have two series of images in it. My images accompany 2 separate essays, The Chestnut Was Dead: To Begin With and Harvesting in the Heart of the Polar Vortex both written by my friend Steve Corso of Bat Barn Farm and Foraging.

The Chestnut essay details the blight-troubled history of the American chestnut and some local farmers and landowners that are working today to preserve the American chestnut genome and reintroduce the once popular nut to the public by growing other blight resistant hybrid varieties. The essay on winter harvest is a brief look at Steve’s efforts to continue harvesting farm produce into (dare we say through) Northeast Ohio’s frozen winters.

If you live in or around Cleveland you can find locations that carry hard copies of Edible Cleveland here. If you are more far flung, a downloadable PDF of the winter issue can be found here[1].

  1. The Chestnut Was Dead: To Begin With begins on page 44 and Harvesting in the Heart of the Polar Vortex on page 53, but I encourage you to page (scroll) through the whole magazine. It is filled with good work by Cleveland creatives.  ↩

Matt Connors