Halloween 2015

Halloween seemed to come and go nearly unacknowledged in my house. We didn’t carve the pumpkins until the Wednesday before and still haven’t lit them this year. They are still forlornly sitting out on the front stoop and I’m tempted to light them belatedly over the next night or two just because.

The kids wavered on their costume choices until the week before the holiday and in the end I found myself with a gypsy, an archer, and an undefined, cloaked person wielding an axe.

Despite what seemed like a general apathy in my house toward Halloween as it approached, the night of trick or treating was fun. We spent the night walking and laughing with friends as the kids dashed from house to house. The candy haul (obviously the most important aspect of the holiday) was bountiful. Bags were dumped onto the floor and candy was consumed, bartered and boasted about until the sugar crashes and bedtime.

Ah, Halloween.