Geauga Mechanical Corporate Headshots

A few weeks ago I packed up my lights, gray seamless backdrop, and other lighting gear, and drove to Geauga Mechanical Inc. for a few hours to photograph employee headshots for an upcoming update to the company website.

There isn’t much to say about the headshot session. I commandeered the lunchroom and by the time employees began to get out of a company meeting I had the room set up for photos. The beauty of headshot jobs and the inherent tight framing of the photos is that you can squeeze a makeshift studio in the most unlikely of places. The photographing went smoothly and successfully. The Geauga Mechanical crew were pros and employees cycled through in front of the camera and went back to work as the next person came into the room.

Along with the headshots I was also hired to photograph some exterior photos of the Geauga Mechanical building for the new website. Architectural photography isn’t my focus at this point and the exterior photos were a side project tacked onto the headshot work, but tacked on or not, the exterior images were more challenging than the portrait work in some ways. The building’s black windows are the most interesting aspect to the building, but they also function as one large mirror reflecting the surrounding landscape. I scouted the building a few different times at various times of day and decided, rather than fighting the reflections or dealing with them during processing (no less a nightmare), to use the feature and photographed the building with a late day sunset reflected in the windows.

Thanks to Geauga Mechanical for the work and support.