Garden Wall Photo Updates

Many thanks to    WHCC  for the wonderful printing work.  And  the sucker!

Many thanks to WHCC for the wonderful printing work. And the sucker!

The past several years I’ve updated our kids’ portrait photos at the start of every school year. Basically a DIY, why-pay-someone-else school portrait session. This year we stayed close to home and simply walked 10 feet out the back door. Over the years they have acclimated to being my models for testing photographic ideas or testing out new gear, and they are good sports about having their portraits taken – even the more formally posed.

It’s a cliche, the Parent’s Lament, but they are growing up so quickly. As I remove last year’s photo from the frame to put in this year’s, their growth is quite literally in front of me. It is at times both exciting and disquieting, but I take comfort in the fact that they are aging to be funny, vibrant, and curious kids...well, teens! I guess. Wow.