Cooney Family 2016

Last week I spent some time with these two lovable goofs to update their yearly portraits. I’m lucky enough to know these two personally. I’m their Uncle.

The weather forced what we hoped to be an outdoor, autumn session mostly inside, but we made do. I commandeered a wooden toy box and bare wall in my sister’s basement and left the rest up to my niece and nephew’s genetic silliness and fun personalities. A break in the rain let us get a few photos outside as well.

The images in the diptych above are two of my favorites from the day. It’s not every portrait session that I know the clients so well and am thus able to realize which photos mirror the personality of the person I’m photographing well. The two images above perfectly represent for me the personalities of my niece and nephew at this age. My 3-year old nephew is a package of goofy energy, questions, and frequent tests on the limits of one’s patience and rules. My 5-year old niece is all girl right now. Full of sweetness, fashion, and quick, instinctual poses for the camera.

They make it easy to walk away from these sessions full of smiles and laughter.