I have many fond memories of the camping I've done throughout my life.

The carefree, timeless feel of the campsite.

The crack and heated glow of the fire and the persistent smell of wood smoke on unsuspecting objects over the following days. The odor of burnt marshmallows blackened crisp without, pristine goo inside.

Dice clicking and cards shuffling by lantern light.

A flashlight’s circle of comfort in the dark.

Contentedly zipping into a warm sleeping bag on a cool night. Stealing out of the tent early morning to sit near the smoldering campfire with a book and steaming coffee or to ramble the woods as they slough the night and greet another day. The smell of breakfast chasing away sleep.

All these things and more fill me with a nostalgic rush of joy and memories that I love sharing with Jude, Abbi, and Charley. It means a lot to me to know they are making their own.