I had some location scouting to do this morning for an upcoming portrait shoot so the dog and I hit the backroads around my house and drove around. Once on the dirt roads East of my neighborhood properties and homes are commonly Amish owned which has the advantage that landscape photos are typically more rural and, since the Amish don't run any power or phone lines into their homes, void of any telephone poles and wires.

I photographed on a whim as I drove around. Nothing outstanding, mostly just playing. The day had started partly sunny with a cool breeze causing autumn leaves to flutter from trees, a reminder that Autumn's hourglass is draining toward winter. By the time I finished scouting the wind had increased and moody clouds carrying the promise of rain had moved in over the cornfields and autumn-colored trees.

I don't consider myself a landscape photographer nor do I have a large interest in pursuing that avenue of photography, but sometimes I just have to stop and try to document the beauty of nature as I did in the image below. Unfortunately, I rarely succeed in doing her justice. Maybe that's as it should be.

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