A Natural

The youngest girl in the family I photographed yesterday was quite a natural in front of the camera, of course, kids usually are as the worries about impressions and looks haven’t struck them full force yet and they simply like to put on a show.

Today I sit at the computer and edit the images, not the most glamorous side of the job but no less important than the photographing, selections, corrections, embellishments, and then the delivery of the images.

In truth, I get nervous as hell any time I deliver photos to clients. I hope the client is happy. I hope that I was able to photograph those elusive but real moments that truly represent my client, be it a family, senior, or child. I hope that I was able to deliver to them something that they will love and recognize as themselves or their loved ones.

The responsibility is humbling, but I’m also honored to be able to give people photographs they enjoy and treasure.