A Girl and Her Pup Transformed

GaHP Spread

Matthew Connors Photography

Well, my A Girl and Her Pup series is winding down and has only 2 images left before it ends. Which, for me, means its time to start considering the book I'd like put together from the images. Essentially, it will be a photo book, yet I'd still like to make it "different". To put my own mark on it.

I've begun the process of laying the book out. It's an odd compilation of monochrome and color images. I've been mixing and matching, marking and remarking images trying to get a good flow. I considered ordering them strictly chronologically, but that was an absolute hodgepodge of color and monochrome. Instead I've decided to keep a loose chronological order and give myself some layout freedom. Matthew Connors Photography

Honestly I've been surprised by the response to this series that I began on a whim but which organically took on a life of its own. Maybe I'm too close. The images feel so personal so the response I've received was unexpected. If any of you would be interested in having the opportunity to own a book of the GaHP project please let me know and I'll consider my options for an easy method for that to work.

I'm only in the beginning stages, but really looking forward to seeing the series larger and in print. More, I'm looking forward to pulling this book off the shelf in 5...10...15 years and sharing the images with my daughter as she grows.

Oh, yes. I can already foresee how useful this book will be for my mental state in her teenage years.